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Taemin Youngest SHINee member profile

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SHINee Lee Tae Min

Taemin is the youngest member of Korean Band "SHINee". Although he is the youngest, Taemin is considered the best dancer out of the group.

Taemin was discovered at the "2005 S.M. Open Weekend Audition Casting ". His acting debut is on MBC's sitcom ‘TaeHee HyeGyo JiHyun’ (태희혜교지현이) as Junsu. He’s studying Chinese in Beijing in 2007. The youngest member of Shinee, the magnae~. Despite being the youngest, he still is considered the lead dancer & in every dance number Shinee perform he has his few second solo. He has always been praised for his skills from such a young age.

SHINee Lee Tae Min

Taemin in Drama MBC sitcom ‘TaeHee HyeGyo JiHyunie’

Super Junior Kim HeeChul shows support to junior SHINee TaeMin with cameo drama appearance on MBC sitcom ‘TaeHee HyeGyo JiHyunie’.

SHINee Lee Tae Min

Kim Hee Chul was at the filming set for the drama on 3rd August and participated in the drama filming. The reason why he did the cameo appearance was for his junior SHINee TaeMin. The 2 are known as ‘celebrity lookalikes’ and it will be a fun episode on ‘Tae-Hye-Ji’ with the 2 of them appearing together.

Meanwhile, the episode featuring Kim HeeChul will air on 12th August.

SHINee Lee Tae Min

Taemin Kisses Shim Eunkyung Twice

The MBC sitcom has been garnering interest with the recent cameo of SNSD’s Jessica & Sunny, and now it’s turning heads again with Taemin’s first AND second on-screen kisses with Shim Eunkyung. Well, fans – the episode is out and none of you have to worry about any scandalous lip-locking action! After watching the videos, I’m not sure if these pecks are even worth being called kisses – Taemin “falls over” and kind of presses his mouth near Eunkyung’s ear at 0:35, and she returns the favor to the back of his skull at 8:41 with equal lethargy.

SHINee Lee Tae Min

SHINee TaeMin is being bullied in school?

There has been this topic spreading like fire on the internet with photos and accounts pointing to youngest member TaeMin of SHINee, currently schooling in ChungDam highschool, being bullied and harrassed in school.

SHINee Lee Tae Min

There has also been the popular search keywords “TaeMin harrassement”, “TaeMin harrassement photos” on search portal sites.

SHINee Lee Tae Min

Taemin Profile :
Nickname: Handy Boy Taemin (Always prepared)
Position: Lead Dancer, Rap
DOB: July 18th, 1993
Hometown: Dongbong-gu, Seoul
Height: 175cm
Weight: 50kg
Bloodtype: B
Family: Parents, older brother
Education: In 3rd year of middle school
Hobby/Interest: Listening to Music, Popping (dance), Piano, Mandarin

SHINee Lee Tae Min

More Taemin Photos

SHINee Lee Tae Min

SHINee Lee Tae Min

SHINee Lee Tae Min

SHINee Lee Tae Min

SHINee Lee Tae Min

Watch Taemin Kissing scene cut 1 Video here

Choi Minho SHINee Rapper Profile

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SHINee Choi Minho

Choi Minho is the rapper of Korean band SHINee. He was discovered at the "2006 S.M. Casting System". Before debuting with SHINee, Minho modeled for Ha Sang Baek's "Seoul Collection F/W 08-09" in March. He has also appeared in Girls' Generation's music video "Gee".

SHINee Choi Minho

In Ha SangBaek’s Fashion Show, he walked down the run-way like a robot. He studied Chinese in Beijing in 2006 and 2007.

Minho is the quietest member out of Shinee, in intereviews he normally doesnt say anything, and when he does his tone of voice is quiet and suttle. His cool concept works FAB for him because of his overflowing Charisma =D

SHINee Choi Minho

Choi Minho Plastic Surgery

Did Choi Minho from SHINee get plastic surgery? Media on internet says that CHOI MINHO of SHINee had a nose job! it looks the same to me before and after though.

SHINee Choi Minho

Facts about Choi Minho

Minho was street casted.
Minho's nickname is Charismatic Flame.
Minho is the tallest amongst the 5 boys.
Minho is the most soft spoken amongst the 5 boys.
Although quiet, Minho stands out with his handsome looks and charm.
Minho is also considered SHINee's most fashionable member along with Key.
Minho and Key both share a bunk bed. Minho takes the bottom and Key takes the top.
Prior to debut, Minho appeared in Ha Sang Baek's fashion show in March 2008 (HSB is SHINee's official designer)

SHINee Choi Minho

Choi Minho Profile

Stage Name: 민호 / Minho
Real Name: Choi Minho (최민호)
Nickname: Charismatic Flame Minho
DOB: December 9th, 1991
Height: 181cm
Family: Parents, older brother
Position: Rap
Hobby/Interest: Soccer, Basketball, Performing, English
Appearances: Ha SangBaek’s Fashion Show (March 2008), 2008/2009 F/W Pret-a-Porter Busan Fashion Show (May 2008)

SHINee Choi Minho

More Photos of Choi Minho :

SHINee Choi Minho

SHINee Choi Minho

SHINee Choi Minho

SHINee Choi Minho

SHINee Choi Minho

SHINee Choi Minho

Watch Choi Minho (SHINee) Singing and Rap parts (ROMEO-2nd mini-album) video here

Kim Jonghyun SHINee Vocal Profile

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JongHyun is the lead vocal of Korea band SHINee. Jong Hyun was discovered at the "2005 S.M. Casting System". Before debuting with SHINee, Jonghyun sang a duet, "Wrongly Given Love" (交错的爱), with Zhang Liyin for her debut Chinese album I Will.

Jong Hyun's voice is amazing – with a husky tone but with so much power; theres no wonder he’s one of the brightest stars of Shinee. Through watching Shinee’s reality show, Jonghyun is the most romantic
so most of you may fall for him for that.

JongHyun and Jessica's Sexy Love

Fellow SM artists Jong Hyun of SHINee and Jessica of Girls’ Generation/SNSD sang Ne-Yo’s “Sexy Love” together on Shim Shim Ta Pa. Although Jong Hyun’s vocals clearly overtook Jessica’s, the performance was still enjoyable. The two kept gazing longingly at each other, I couldn’t handle the chemistry. They really couldn’t have chosen a sexier song. Hell, I don’t know which was hotter–Jong Hyun repeatedly crooning “baby girl” or Jessica whispering “he makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up” at 1:26. Also enjoyed Kim Shin Young’s ghetto-fabness at 3:02.

SHINee’s Jonghyun diagnosed with swine flu

Following SS501’s Kim Hyun Joong, K.Will and 2AM’s Jo Kwon, SHINee member Jonghyun has now been diagnosed with swine flu!

On the night of November 2nd, Jonghyun had symptoms of a cold so he visited the hospital to get a check up. For precautionary measures he was given Tamiflu, but on November 3rd (today), he was declared positive with swine flu.

Jonghyun is currently staying at home and resting.

Due to his health, Jonghyun will stop his activities with SHINee. SME has stated that for the time being, SHINee will promote Ring Ding Dong as a 4 member group.

Facts about Jonghyun

1. Has been said that the first line of "Love like oxygen" sounds like Michael Jackson's style. "It does sound like it a bit.", he admits it himself

2. "Bling Bling Jonghyun", He uses it all the time, be it during messaging or talking, he uses it. Because he loves R&B and Hip-hop too much, he wishes that he can shine forever (like bling bling). If you want it difficult to call that, "Hey Bling" can be used, thats what the members call him.

3. Will tend to talk at a really fast speed when he gets nervous, but because he talks a lot usually, nobody ever notices that habit of his.

4. There is no shortcut to acheiving perfection, just hard work and more hard work, if he is unable to take it, he will hide in the toilet for a cry, and then continue to work even harder during practice.

5. Has a lot of charisma on stage, but is very endearing and fun to be with off stage, before debut, he chats with Taemin everyday when returning home, is the member who is the most unanimous with his relaxation and lifestyle.

6. "If I meet an alien, I will definitely be scared at first, but after awhile when I get to know it, I will consider how to send it back home." said Jonghyun

7. Regardless of anything, no matter how many times he had performed on stage, whenever he hears his own song he will still get exceptionally excited, will lipsynch along, dance along, fidget around in his seat, even when he chokes on water he will still remain engrossed.

8. A very lively student in high school, able to digest English and Korean songs very well. Formed a band, composed music during that time, believes that if you truly like something, it is not difficult to persevere on.

9. Understands the importance of heath, so does not eat stuff like instant noodles even when he is very hungry. To practise on an empty stomach is definitely tough, but in comparison, won't it feel really good to finally eat a full meal during breakfast? -- After tolerating for so long, it's finally time to enjoy.

10. Is not scared of the camera at all, a 180 degree display or 360 degree all show? Just state it.

11. Feels that he is a good hyung, and a good dongseng to the members, if not for the fact that they always interrupt him which makes him flares up at them shouting "Keep quiet!" at times, his image is pretty perfect.

12. Makes total and absolute preparation for everything, will even stay up overnight without sleep to prepare. If his progress does not meet his own expectations, he will feel restless and a little short tempered.

13. Likes girls who seek novelty at times, is willing to accept the age gap of up to 6 years.

14. Why cover up if you make a mistake, just admit it truthfully won't it be good? (jonghyun nice quote)

15. Has a lot of notices, will show off to his members after returning to the dorm. Will also miss his members whom he don't know what they are doing while he is at certain shows/programs, if there is a chance, he will like to bring all his members along.

16. The only secret to maintaining a good complexion despite a very hectic schedule is to simply maintain a positive mindset.

17. Is very proficient in the guitar, bass and piano.

18. Wakes up the earliest in the dorm, will wake up Key after he is done with washing up, Key will then wake Onew up, then Taemin and lastly, Minho -- "I am the one who wakes up the earliest! I am most confident about it!"

19. "How do I wash the rice? Why doesn't Key umma know?! ...So you have to wash it like this, Taemin? Wow!" (jonghyun's haha)

20. He sucks at soccer.

21. Jonghyun claims that he plays the "bad person" role in the group by being strict with the other members more than the leader, Onew.

JongHyun Profile

Stage Name: 종현 / JongHyun
Real Name: Kim Jonghyun (김종형)
Nickname: Bling Bling Jonghyun
DOB: April 8th, 1990 (17 int’l ; 18 krn)
Height: 173cm Bloodtype: AB
Family: Parents, sister
Position: Lead Vocal
Hobby/Interest: Watching movies, Dance, Lyrics, Piano, Mandarin
Appearances: Zhang Li Yin’s 交錯的愛 (Wrongly Given Love)
Facts: He’s the shortest out of the whole group.
He also studying Chinese in Beijing in 2007

More Photos of Jonghyun

Watch Shinee (Jonghyun) & Lee Ji Hoon single "Why is the Sky" video here

Key Kim Kibum SHINee Vocalist Profile

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SHINee Key Kimkibum

Key or Kim Kibum is a vocalist and one of the rappers from grop SHINee. He was a gifted varsity water-skier at Dae Gu Young Shin Middle School. He was discovered at the “2005 S.M. National Tour Audition Casting”. Before debuting with Shinee, Key appeared in Super Junior’s Wonder Boy MV as an extra dancer. Key was featured in label-mate Xiah’s solo “Xiahtic".

Kim Kibum's stage name is Key because he likes to solve things.

SHINee Key Kimkibum

Don't be confuse between SHINee's Kim Kibum and Kim Kibum from Super Junior.

SHINee’s Key writes a Love Letter for IU on Music Bank

Aside from the highly-anticipated debut stages of F.Cuz and Hyuna, there was another special surprise for the viewers on MBC Music Bank tonight. Key of SHINee and IU joined together in a duet to perform a classic MC Mong song, Love Letter For You.

SHINee Key Kimkibum

As Key spitted the rhymes, he handed single-wrapped roses to IU, whose vocal performance hardly strayed from that of the song’s original singer. The two demonstrated a good chemistry onstage and seemed to enjoy themselves throughout.

Aside from her singing abilities, IU is quite a brave soul. Despite the disapproving response she received from Yoseob fangirls who raided Cyworld and eventually shut it down after her collaboration with the BEAST blondie, IU still pulled through the special stage with Key. She may sing about marshmallows, but her heart sure isn’t soft as one. Perhaps SHINee fangirls will have been more understanding and just enjoyed the duo’s performance.

SHINee Key Kimkibum

20 facts about KEY in COOL轻音乐 magazine - September Issue

1. Will go to the CD shop and ask, "Where are the SHINee CDs? Are they selling well?" Cares about his welfare in outlook in life.

2. "Right from when we are trainees till now, the one who sings really well, dances superbly, gets angry only when it is an occasion to be angry about, makes people feel that "this guy is really amazing!", that person is Key." (JONGHYUN)

3. Has a love-hate relationship with horror movies and horror stories, he yearns for them but he is also scared of them, he likes them but he also dislikes them. He lost his composure/image in the cinema many times because of that, he is only able to rent horror movies/dramas to watch at home to continue scaring himself.

4. "I don't want a fantasy romance like those in the movies, I look towards a realistic and truthful relationship." Honest, straighforward and open minded girls are OK, but girls who are soft on the outside but really fierce on the insides are a NO. Must have an opinion, not be too girly, and must like to freely express what she likes.

5. In terms of dressing up as girls, Taemin is the most suitable, but the prettiest is still the one who is looking into the mirror (ie. Key), if he really wants to do it, even a true woman will not be able to match up to him. (Proudly)

SHINee Key Kimkibum

6. Is confident that he can be a gourmet chef, nobody can escape his dumplings trap.

7. "To be an idol, it's not enough to just put in effort in the front appearance, your back appearance is important too."

8. Good at saying honeyed words, but hearing lines like "Are you hurt? I am hurting too." makes him burst out in laughter.

9. "If I were to become Yunhanam's director, the viewing rates ought to be able to rise." (smug)

10. His personal talent is imitating a robotic character from a cartoon show, the classic line being "Woah! Money! With money anything can be done!!"

SHINee Key Kimkibum

11. Good at preparing, good at analyzing, belongs to the kind who is able to work out a plan from scratch with just a single detail.

12. "You cannot avoid me, you must look at me in the eyes."

13. It's his nature to take care of people? At first he was just Taemin's umma, after that his nagging extends to include all of the members, and now it is becoming that he nags at whoever he sees.

14. Still nagging. Because he has been too naggy, Taemin really wants to change his umma now...

15. Become a girl? Then he would date all the other members once and see how it is. Does not know how it is like when they are in front of a girl, he is really curious about it.

SHINee Key Kimkibum

16. "The person who is able to meet an ET who has come to earth and not feel scared but instead in able to converse naturally with it is Key...Even if he is left on an abadoned island, he will still be able to find a way to survive." (JONGHYUN)

17. As long as he is being sincerely asked to do something, he will do it no matter how unwilling he is, even if he does not like to do it.

18. Sentimental and sensitive, even if it just a piece of paper from someone who he cares about, he will take really good care of it.

19. The group's No.1 in fashion. Red, white, blue, it is normal for him to carry off these colours which are easy to carry off, but for colours like pink and grass green which are more difficult to pull off, he is still able to do it.

20. "I hope that this album can receive a lot of love from everyone, and, if only our friends all know SHINee's songs, they only know 'Noona is so pretty'

SHINee Key Kimkibum

Key Profile :

Real Name: Kim Ki Bum 김기범
Nickname: Almighty Key
Birthday: 1991.09.23 (17 years old)
Height: 177 cm
First Appearance: Super Junior Movie: Attack of the Pin Up Boys, Series of Terror Attacks
Interest/Speciality: Rap, Dance, Snowboarding, Water-skiing, Japanese, English, Chinese
Position: Supporting Vocalist, 2nd Lead Rapper

SHINee Key Kimkibum

More Photos of Key Kim Kibum

SHINee Key Kimkibum

SHINee Key Kimkibum

SHINee Key Kimkibum

SHINee Key Kimkibum

Watch Key Kim Kibum and SNSD Concert Jessica duet in single "Barbie Girl" video here

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