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Korean Boy Band Member Profile Song Album: Jang Woo Young 2PM Main Vocalist Profile

Jang Woo Young 2PM Main Vocalist Profile

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2PM Jang WooYoung

Jang Woo Young is the main vocalist of Korean Boy Band 2PM. Jang Woo Young, nickname Boo Ung Ee, was born in Busan, and was selected as a JYP trainee through MGoon's JYP auditions. He won first place in this audition.

Jang Woo Young, together with Nichkhun is the main vocalist of 2PM.

2PM Jang WooYoung

Jang Woo Yung profile
Name : Jang Wooyoung
Role in 2PM : Sub Vocal, Dancer
Nickname : Boo-ung-ee (Owl)
Date of birth : 30th April 1989
Height : 178cm
Weight : 65kg
Blood Type : B
Religion : Buddhist
Languages : Korean, minimal English (in order of fluency)
School : Howon University
Hobbies : Music appreciation, Websurfing
Specialties : Dance
Ideal Woman : A girl that comes into his heart immediately
Fav Food : All the food

First Seen : -Nil-
Shows : Mnet Hot Blood (2008), MBC Idol Army (2008-2009), Mnet It’s Time 2PM (2009)

2PM Jang WooYoung

Jang Woo Young interview with OK Magazine Thailand :

3 words that describe you: Jang-Woo-Young
Q88 Words you would not like to hear from the other members: that my face is swollen(chubby) T.T
Q89 The member who changed the most: Chansung because he went from having long hair to short
Q90 Something that made you cry: sad movies
Q91 Embarrassing moment: when my face is swollen(chubby)
Q92 Something you’d really like to do right now: listen to music
Q93 How people can tell when you’re angry: My face & way of speaking will change
Q94 Member you argue with the most: all of them
Q95 The good thing about having a thai member (Nichkhun): I get to learn more about Thailand
Q96 The amount of money you brought to Thailand : 220 baht (*thai currency*)
Q97 Amount you have left: 220 baht
Q98 The last time you honestly told someone you liked them: when I had my first kiss
Q99 How you feel about doing this interview in Thailand: it’s very fun
Q100 When people read this article they will think: I am a weird person

2PM Jang WooYoung

Jang Wooyoung and Park Jin Young's dance

2PM member, Jang Wooyoung has successfully copied Park Jin Young’s dance & has caused a lot of attention.

2PM has shown their charismatic talents to After School in this week’s Idol World. Especially Jang Wooyoung in particular went up and performed Park Jin Young’s dance very well.

2PM Jang WooYoung

Wooyoung made everyone laugh by saying “If I’m going to perform a song that isn’t ours, isnt it better to just be our JYP president?”

This was After School’s first time to show off their talents on a variety show, and they ended with a sexy dance that shook the hearts of many of the 2PM members.

2PM Jang WooYoung

Jang Wooyoung and ideal woman

Performance boyband 2PM’s Wooyoung confessed that there is someone among the cast of ‘Infinity Girls’ who is close to his ideal type of woman.

2PM, who is currently promoting ‘I Hate You’ has recently recorded a July Special episode of MBC Every1 “Infinity Girls”.

2PM Jang WooYoung

During the session of coupling, Song Eunee asked a question to Wooyoung “Is there any member that you are interested among Infinity Girls?” and Wooyoung answered “There are two persons that are close to my ideal type of girl”.

The 6 casts of ‘Infinity Girls’ are Song Eunhee, Hwangbo, Shin Bongsun, Baek Boram, Kim Shinyoung and Jung Ga Eun. A speculation arose that Wooyoung’s ideal type are Baek Boram and Jung Ga Eun.

2PM Jang WooYoung

Jaebum also revealed that his idea type of girl is Scarlet Johansson and said “There is someone that have kinda similar personality to Scarlet Johansson among Infinity Girls” making the people there bursting into laugh.

More Photos of 2PM Jang Wooyoung

2PM Jang WooYoung

2PM Jang WooYoung

2PM Jang WooYoung

Watch Jang Wooyoung en Guerrilla Concert video here

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