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Kim KiBum Super Junior Cute Rapper Profile

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Super Junior Kim Kibum

Kim KiBum is a member of Korean Boy Band Super Junior, and roles as a rapper. KiBum made his debut in the Korean television drama, April Kiss in 2004. Although debuted as an actor, he achieved higher results as a singer after his music debut with Super Junior in 2005.

KiBum is called Snow White by his team mate Hee Chul.

Super Junior Kim Kibum

The name Kim KiBum actually is also related with Kim KiBum from U-Kiss, and Key KiBum from SHINee. Many fans have been confused with the same name.

Kim KiBum has already popular as a TV stars before he joined Super Junior. A lot of Korean Drama he had starred such as April Kiss, Sharp 2, Marrying a Millionaire, Rainbow Romance, Snow Flower, Chunja's Happy Events.

Super Junior Kim Kibum

Kim Kibum Biography

Kim Kibum was born in Seoul, South Korea but moved to Santa Monica, California, United States at the mere age of ten, where he attended middle school and Santa Monica High School. It was not until several years later when he was discovered by a talent agent from South Korea and was recommended to audition for the Starlight Casting System 2002. Kibum soon signed under SM Entertainment and became their official trainee, being trained in areas of singing, acting, dancing, and other performing talents.

Super Junior Kim Kibum

Kim's first official appearance and debut was on April 21, 2004 when he appeared on a Korean television drama April Kiss. A year later in February 2005, his talent agency announced that Kim would make a second debut as a singer, being a member of the large all-boy group Super Junior. Before the group's debut Kim starred as the first male lead in Sharp 2, alongside Go Ara and fellow Super Junior member Kim Heechul. Super Junior made their official debut on November 6, 2005, in SBS's Popular Songs, performing their first single, "TWINS (Knock Out)". Kim is known for his English rapping ability in the group and remains as one of the lead rappers of Super Junior. As Kim's activities with Super Junior began to occupy most of his schedule, he was only given a small role in Marrying a Millionaire, playing the young Kim Young-hoon. However he soon starred in Rainbow Romance as the lead actor for 243 episodes along with Kim Heechul. During the fall of 2006, he reunited with Go Ara once again to star in the SBS drama Snow Flower.

Aside from acting and singing activities, Kim is seen participating in runway modelling and appearing in advertisements for KTF, C&C phone, NF Sonata, OLIVE, My Chew, Ottogi Noddle with bandmate Kim Heechul and co-star Go Ara, and Elite Uniform with his SM senior BoA. He is also seen in many other ads with fellow Rainbow Romance co-star, Ahyoomee.

Super Junior Kim Kibum

Kim KiBum Acting career in Television

Before debut, Kibum was often seen participating in runway modelling and appearing in advertisements for KTF, C&C phone, NF Sonata, OLIVE, My Chew, Ottogi Noddle and Elite Uniform with his SM senior BoA. He was also seen in many other ads with fellow future co-star, Ahyoomee, Go Ara, and future bandmate Kim Heechul.

Kibum debuted on April 21, 2004, the premiere date of the KBS drama, April Kiss. He plays the young role of Han Jungwoo. Kibum's largest role among Korean audiences was in the KBS drama, Sharp 2, starring alongside labelmates Go Ara and Kim Heechul. Soon after the premiere of Sharp 2 in early 2005, Kibum debuted as a member of Super Junior, which tightly interfered with his acting career. He was then given a small role in the MBC drama, Marrying a Millionaire, appearing in only one episode where he plays the young Kim Younghoon. However, he reprised as a lead actor in the MBC daily sitcom, Rainbow Romance, sharing the lead with Kim Heechul for 243 episodes a year later. In the fall of 2006, Kibum's second drama with Go, Snow Flower aired on SBS, attracting more audiences.

In April 2008, it was announced that Kibum would be starring in yet another daily MBC drama, Chunja's Happy Events alongside Wang Bitna after sixteen months of hiatus in the acting industry. The drama's premiere date was on May 19, 2008.

Super Junior Kim Kibum

Kim KiBum Acting career in Film

Kibum's first silver-screen appearance was in Attack on the Pin-Up Boys, a 2007 high school Korean film that starred all members of Super Junior except Kyuhyun. He plays the narrator of the story; a student who investigates the mysterious happenings at school. Despite positive critical ratings, the film did not do well in the box-office, but all four versions of the film's DVD were all sold out and broke chart records. 2010, Kibum's new movie (Jumunjin) is set to be release on the 21st of January. The basic premise is about a love story of a ghost man (Kibum) meeting a girl that lives in the country side and they form a relationship. He has also been cast in an upcoming play called A (Middle) Nap (낮잠).

Super Junior Kim Kibum

Kim KiBum in Super Junior

In early 2005, Kibum's talent agency released an official announcement that Kibum would make a second debut as a singer. Along with eleven other members, Kibum with Super Junior 05, Super Junior's first generation, debuted on November 6, 2005 on SBS's Popular Songs, performing the group's first single "TWINS (Knock Out)." The group released their full studio album a month later, and the album debuted as #3 on the monthly MIAK K-pop album charts. As the group's second promotional single, "Miracle", came to an end, his talent agency was about to recruit new members for the next Super Junior generation, Super Junior 06, planning to replace Kibum with a new member. However, plans changed when the company added in a thirteenth member, Kyuhyun, and the company declared that future Super Junior generations were rumors. The group dropped the suffix "05" and became officially Super Junior. The new group hit big after they released their first CD single "U" the following summer in 2006, which became Super Junior's most successful single in the music charts, leading Super Junior to set #1 records in their music career since then.

Kibum placed aside his acting career and was active as a member of Super Junior, especially during promotions for the group's second album Don't Don in the fall of 2007 and Super Junior's first concert tour in early 2008. Don't Don became Super Junior's best-selling album and Korea's second best-selling album of the year, while Super Show's live concert album became a record success in South Korea, Thailand, and Taiwan.

Super Junior Kim Kibum

Kibum is known for his English rapping ability in the group and remains as one of the lead rappers of Super Junior. Kibum also actively appears on variety shows . Kibum makes frequent appearances on Love Letter and other popular South Korean variety programs, promoting the group's music and product. Even after both debuts Kibum continued to be a popular symbol for endorsements, being an endorser of many items in South Korea. Kibum was picked as the co-presenter of Thailand's 12 Plus Powder along with the primary presenter, bandmate Choi Siwon, in early 2008. However, the co-presenter was switched to bandmate Donghae for another product of 12 Plus - "roll-on".

In 2009 Super Junior released their third LP, "Sorry, Sorry". During promotions for the first single, "Sorry, Sorry", Kibum was absent which lead to speculations that he left Super Junior. SM Entertainment, as well as all the band members denied this. When Super Junior released their second single, "It's You", Kibum was noticeably absent again from all promotions. SM finally issued a statement stating that Kibum was busy with solo projects, and re-confirmed he would be absent from promotional activities due to prior engagements, and that he hadn't left Super Junior. It was later confirmed that Kibum would not appear on the Super Junior tour (July 2009), "The Super Show II" due to an injury to his foot, which lead to six weeks of rest from physically straining activities. After the release of "Sorry, Sorry - Answer", Kibum was completely absent from the video and the song. In the group's latest release, "It's You", Kibum had no singing solo. Kibum revealed his upcoming plans in the near future, although they still remain tentative as of now. He stated, “Firstly, I am in the process of preparing for the play and releasing the drama. Whether I will participate in the fourth album, resume solo activities, or continue acting, need to be further discussed with my company."

It is also confirmed that Kibum will not be participating in the 4th album, as he will be focusing on his acting career.

Super Junior Kim Kibum

Kim Ki Bum is NOT leaving Super Junior!

Kim Kibum has expressed “I never think of quiting Super Junior just for once”.

There was doubt from fans and people in music field if Kibum had some conflict with the company so that he didnt attend the promotion of vol3 “Sorry sorry” with Super Junior . There were also rumors that he quitted Suju and not in a good terms with the other members. Kibum has been absent from Super Junior’s activities begin from first performance of “Sorry sorry” in March until the year-end music award ceremony in December.

Regarding to that problem, Kibum said “I coudlnt attend the promotion because I had to practice for the movie and the play . I think that acting is also one of various field of Super Junior’s activities. I didnt attend the music show doesnt mean I’m not a member of Super Junior”.

He continued with “I know that there are fans who say I dont quit but they’re all scared. Last month when Suju got the daesang award at Golden disk, I has called and talked with the members everyday. I may live away from them but my heart is full with joy more than anyone else”

But Kibum also said he couldnt confirm if he will attend the promotion with Super Junior from now on or not. He said “For now I only consider to attend in play and drama. I will have to talk with the company more to decide whether I will participate in vol4 or do solo activities or just focus on acting for the time being”.

Super Junior Kim Kibum

Kim Kibum Profile :
Birth name: Kim Ki-bum 김기범
Born: August 21, 1987 (1987-08-21) (age 21)
Origin: Seoul, Republic of Korea
Genre(s): K-pop
Position: Rapper
Blood type: A
Occupation(s): Singer, dancer, actor, model
Instrument(s): Singing, rapping, piano
Voice type(s): Bass
Years active: 2004–present
Label(s): SM Entertainment
Associated acts: *SMTown
*Super Junior
Website: www.actorkibum.com
Nickname:Snow White
Ideal Girl: Han Ga-In

Super Junior Kim Kibum

Kim KiBum Information :
-The Super Junior member who has a ′killer smile′.
-He was born in Seoul, but he moved to California at the age of 10.
-While in California, he attended school in Los Angeles.
-He likes cats, rabbits, and oranges.
-He dislikes apples, mice, summer, winter, and the number, 9.
-HeeChul gave him the nickname ′Snow White′.

Photos of Kim KiBum :

Super Junior Kim Kibum

Super Junior Kim Kibum

Watch Kim Kibum and Heechul in drama Rainbow Romance video

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