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Cheondoong Thunder MBLAQ Rapper Profile

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Cheon Doong MBLAQ

Park Sanghyun or Cheondoong is the rapper of Korean Boyband MBLAQ. Cheondoong which means Thunder is the younger brother of 2NE1 vocalist Sandara Park.

Like his sister, he lived in the Philippines and is fluent in Tagalog and is also conversational in English.

Cheondoong wants to work with 2NE1′s

The figure that MBLAQ’s Cheondoong wants to work with is 2NE1′s CL.

Even as 2NE1′s Sandara Park’s younger brother, in their recent interview Hello TV, he selected world star Rain (Jung Jihoon) and 2NE1′s CL as the people whom he wanted to work with.

Cheon Doong MBLAQ

Cheondoong said “It was after seeing Rain’s performance that made me decide to become a singer”, pointing out Rain as his role model. In addition, he revealed his strong ambitions, “I often hear that I’m nice because I appear to be gentle, but just because people say that I’m nice, there’s no reason that I can’t be strong”, “Rather than giving up on everything like Rain, I’m going to work hard in order to become the best singer, and in order to achieve my dream, strongly”.

Cheondoong also pointed out one of his strengths as being able to learn choreography faster than the other members, in addition, he talks about the controversy of him on TV when he was unable to do his multiplication tables, “It’s just that I’ve never learned my multiplication tables, it really wasn’t because I’m stupid”, he argued while causing laughter.

Chic-dol MBLAQ’s special interview and photoshoot can all be seen in the June issue of CJ Premium TV Magazine Hello.

Cheon Doong for Odina Magazine

Cheon Doong MBLAQ Odina Magazine

Cheondoong, also known as Thunder from MBLAQ recently did a photoshoot for Odina Magazine. In this photoshoot he showed a manly and charismatic side of himself. Do you like the concept?

Sandara Park is a fangirl of younger brother Thunder?

Cheon Doong MBLAQ Sandara Park

2NE1’s Sandara Park is currently conducting a 12 part interview dubbed Star Diary with Asia E. In Part 10 of the Star Diary, she talks about her relationship with younger brother and MBLAQ Member Thunder (Cheondoong).

With a dongsaeng who is walking down the same path as her, and dreaming the same dream as her, she is not alone in her celebrity life.

Sandara Park’s youngest brother is Cheondoong of MBLAQ. Although he overflows with charisma on stage, to Sandara Park, he’ll always be like a little kid.

Cheon Doong MBLAQ

“Cheondoong and I are six years a part. Starting from when he was young I’d carry him on my back and stuff and I always worried about him. Even still, when I see him perform on stage, it’s admirable. Isn’t he cute when he shows off his personal talents on variety shows?”

Cheondoong was added late into the group that Bi produced, MBLAQ. Because of this, he had to work twice as hard.

“Starting from when Cheondoong was young, he wanted to become a singer. He worked even harder than me at learning dance. I think he’s much better than me in terms of musical talent. (Laughs)”

While talking about Cheondoong, Sandara Park’s eyes were filled with love. 2NE1 members even said “Sandara Park is like Cheondoong’s stalker.”

Cheon Doong MBLAQ

“Cheondoong’s apartment is pretty far from ours so I can’t see him often. It seems like my brother’s busier than me. So we chat online and cam together online everyday. If I look at what Cheondoong is doing through webcam, the other members keep saying ‘She’s like one of his crazy fangirls.’”

Sandara Park’s Description – In 1993 when I was in Grade 3, piggybacking my baby brother Cheondoong behind the Daegoo zoo.

Sandara Park is sad that she can’t see Cheondoong often. Their activities are at different times so they can’t even meet at broadcasting stations.

“In television shows, Cheondoong says “Noona, buy me food”. After I see the show and tell him I’ll buy him food, he tells me ‘We’re working on a new album so I don’t have time’. I finally saw him during last year’s ending award shows. I took the snacks from our waiting room and brought them to MBLAQ. Cheondoong needs to eat a lot. (Haha)”

Rather than opposing how out of their three children, the oldest daughter and the magnae are doing celebrity activities, their parents support them. Because of their parents’ support, they were able to be acknowledged as celebrities and receive love from the public.

“While I lived in the Philippines, my mother was my manager. So she was always by my side. These days, she monitors me from home. I’m most scared for when my mom ‘points out things’”.

Sandara Park and Cheondoong are dreaming the same dream. Both want to make ‘Our Studio’.

“I always talk with my brother. How in the future, we’re going to build our own house. The first floor will be where we live with our parents, the second floor will be our studio. Truthfully, even though sometimes I want to stand on stage with my brother, we each have our own places to be.”

MBLAQ’s Thunder to be featured on G.NA’s Music Bank performance later

Cheon Doong MBLAQ GNA

For the third week of G.NA’s mini-album promotion for “I’ll Back Off So You Can Live”, MBLAQ’s Thunder is going to be featured as the rapper for her performance on Music Bank later. Previously, we have seen rapper Mario, BEAST’s Junhyung & Doojoon and 4Minute’s Hyuna featured as the rapper for her performances in the past weeks. Meanwhile, BEAST’s Doojoon will be featured again for her Music Core performance tomorrow. As for Thunder, he will also be performing on Music Bank with his group MBLAQ with a follow-up song from their 2nd single entitled “One Better Day”. Be sure to watch her performance with Thunder later through Music Bank at 5:50PM (KST).

2NE1's Sandara and MBLAQ's Cheon-Doong

Cheon Doong MBLAQ

I'm not really sure when was this taken but it was taken from KBS Music Bank. Another Park Siblings treat for us! Thunder looks so cute with that giraffe costume. I remembered some Kfans manipulated a pic of Dara as a cute giraffe too. Now I wished Dara wore a bunny costume as well. They're cutest siblings!

Cheondoong profile :

Name : Cheondoong / Thunder (천둥)
Real Name: Park Sanghyun (박상현)
Position : Dance, Rap
Birth: 07.10.1990
Height : 181cm
Weight : 56kg
Education: PPCHA
Specialties: Dancing, rapping, singing, English, Tagalog
Interests: Music appreciation, composing and writing lyrics
Cheon Doong (Korean term for Thunder) is the younger brother of 2NE1 vocalist Sandara Park. Having trained under Loen Entertainment, Cheon Doong transferred to J.Tune to then replace member Sang Bae (??) after he left before the group's debut. His sister, Sandara Park, is a former Korean expatriate who once starred in movies and television shows in the Philippines. Like his sister, he lived in the Philippines and is fluent in Tagalog and is also conversational in English.

Cheon Doong MBLAQ

Cheon Doong Photos :

Cheon Doong MBLAQ

Cheon Doong MBLAQ

Cheon Doong MBLAQ

Cheon Doong MBLAQ

Cheon Doong MBLAQ

Cheon Doong MBLAQ

Cheon Doong MBLAQ

Cheon Doong MBLAQ

Cheon Doong MBLAQ

Cheon Doong MBLAQ

Watch Cheondoong ft G.NA single I'll back off so you can live better video here

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