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Seung Ho MBLAQ Leader Profile

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Yang Seung Ho (양승호) or SeungHo is the leader of Korean Boy Band MBLAQ. Seung Ho is also the lead vocalist of the group.

Yang Seung Ho is the oldest member from MBLAQ, although is the shortest guy.

Seung Ho Ideal Girl

MBLAQ Seung Ho said, “Instead of outside looks, I look at the person’s inner side, and truthful eyes,” and uniquely drew a baby octopus as his ideal type. We could find his cute, inordinate side, as he asked, “doesn’t my octopus’s eyes look truthful?” Same group member G.O commented, “I feel sexiness in women who do the best of their abilities in their own profession. Rather than the appearance of sexiness, the inner sexiness is more important,” and drew his ideal type.

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Seung Ho ideal girl is Hwang Bo

Seung Ho from MBLAQ revealed that his ideal girl is no longer Hwang Bo.

Seung Ho, who was participating in KBS2's Star Golden Bell on the 6th was asked by the MCs if his ideal girl was Hwang Bo, to which he replied 'Not anymore', making Hwang Bo flustered.

He added that he felt that they would have been well matched as they had similar characteristics, but then he figured that he'd get into big trouble so he restrained himself, bringing about much laughter on the set.

What is inside MBLAQ SeungHo’s bag?

Known as ‘Rain‘s Descendents’ group MBLAQ members SeungHo, Lee Joon, G.O, Thunder and Mir reveals what is inside their bags.

To start with, SeungHo‘s Nike sports bag was a gift from Japanese fans, “The day after we have our debut stage doing the opening show for JiHoon hyung’s Asia tour concert, our Japanese fans gave these to us at our practice room.”

Seungho and Lee Joon attract old ladies

MBLAQ’s Joon and Seungho recently appeared on the popular variety show Quiz to Change the World, and they mesmerized the guests with a dance to Oh Yeah! as well as a small individual talent show.

Seungho began with an impressive popping performance followed by an acrobatic dance move befitting a leader, and finally ending it with some good old break dancing. Joon, well Joon showed of his abs. Although it’s hard to tell from the guests’ reactions which one they liked more, the three seconds of abs or the thirty-seconds power dance.

However, what is easy to tell is that Joon and Seungho definitely made the female guests all hot and bothered with their performance. I bet that if they wanted to, they could have any of those ladies. Yes, ANY of them. The problem is whether they actually want any of those ladies, considering that some of the ladies are old enough to be their grandmas.

Joon and Seungho shouldn’t feel too bad about attracting old women though because at least there’s still that crucial “wo” before the word men. The old women I seem to be so good at attracting are often heavily lacking on the “wo” part. Funny thing is you would think that a heavy emphasis on being old would make up for the lack of “wo,” but nope, it only makes it worse.

Seung Ho Profile

Name: Yang Seung Ho (양승호)
Position : Leader, Vocal
Birth: 16.10.1987, Seoul
Height : 176 cm
Weight : 60kg
Education: Se Jong University Film Arts, Temporary leave
Specialties: Gymnastics, dancing, piano, card tricks
Interests: Music appreciation, Early Adopter
Charm: Strong leadership

Seung Ho Photos :

Watch Seung Ho feat Hoody. H song One video here

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